Apply to TWH 2019: June 5-11, 2019

2019 Major Workshop faculty includes Juan Felipe Herrera, Meghan Daum, Jeffrey Ford, Elizabeth Hand, Lewis Robinson, Richard Hoffman, Elyssa East, Alexandra Oliver, Scott Wolven and Shanna McNair. Lecture and Genre Lab Faculty includes Rob Spillman, Rick Moody, Cornelius Eady, Tina Chang, Kevin Larimer, Carey Salerno and Steven Salpeter. More faculty is TBA.   

The Writer’s Hotel “Mini MFA” is a one-of-a-kind conference. TWH Editors read and consult on each writer’s full length manuscript pre-conference, followed by a week-long conference in June. TWH NYC events are set at Midtown hotels: The Library Hotel, The Bryant Park Hotel, The Algonquin Hotel, The Roger Smith Hotel and The Casablanca Hotel. On site events include workshops, lectures and agent pitch sessions. And each writer reads their own original work at a landmark NYC venue: KGB Bar, The Red Room at KGB Bar, Bowery Poetry or The Cornelia Street Café. Faculty readings are another wonderful feature, and are held at Kinokuniya Bookstore and The Half King. From our virtual pre-reading process through to our NYC writers conference, TWH takes writers and their writing to the next level. Via TWH, writers bring their work from desk to marketplace at the heart of the publishing industry. It's an extraordinary opportunity. ::We work with writers of fiction, poetry and nonfiction.:: 


Our programming includes two components: the pre-conference TWH Team Reading, performed by both TWH editors; and all NYC on-site events June 5-11, 2019. TWH is a unique and comprehensive writing program. We are extremely selective, because of the time we spend with each author's work and because of the small size of each Major Workshop on site. 

PRE-CONFERENCE READING: Working with writers virtually pre-conference helps bring manuscripts into focus before the NYC conference in June, so that attendees can bring a polished, newly-considered manuscript to the conference to pitch to agents and/or editors. Each writer receives two sets of comments--two editors read each manuscript. We generate hundreds of comments, from line edits to developmental edits. We also offer a follow-up phone call with both TWH Editors to address any questions a writer may have about those comments. This virtual feature begins immediately upon acceptance. We created TWH so that writers can get more from a writers conference than ever before. Our price is extremely competitive; we feel that the pre-conference reading value alone may well be worth the price of admission. And writers tend to arrive at the conference feeling an artistic momentum since they've been working hard on their manuscripts before they even arrive in NYC.

NYC IN-TOWN EVENTS JUNE 5-11, 2019: There are Major Workshops in each genre, craft and publishing lectures and Genre Labs. There are curated attendee readings at KGB, Bowery Poetry and Cornelia Street Cafe, and personalized flyers we design (see posters) for each reading. There are one-on-one literary agent pitch sessions (for example, meetings with agents from Foundry, Rob Weisbach Creative Management, Curtis, Brown, Folio Lit). We host a TWH Community Open Mic Night to foster community and celebrate diversity of voice within the program. We also host a "Breakfast Social" on Saturday with TWH Directors. All of these events are included in the programming. Our workshops and lectures are led by some of the industry's best publishers, agents and writers. 


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::Stipend and award information::  The Writer's Hotel holds a membership with the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Writers and Writing Conferences community. Because of this membership, all TWH attendees are also eligible to enter AWP's Kurt Brown Prizes competition. AWP's Kurt Brown Prizes also honor three writers each year with $500 and an annual online announcement. In that spirit, TWH also awards three merit-based stipends of $500 each on site in NYC. Stipends are be announced and conferred on site . TWH stipend recipients are chosen at the discretion of our stipend committee.


Please visit us on the web at for more information, and you can always contact us by email at

::The New Guard literary review is the publishing arm of The Writer's Hotel,::  


To apply, please send the first 5000 words of a prose manuscript or the first 15 poems of a poetry manuscript. The writing sample must not exceed 20 pages. International applications are welcome. It is $30 to apply. 

The application writing sample must be the first pages of a current "target manuscript". A "target manuscript" is a writer's present writing project--the manuscript that the writer will bring to NYC and present to agents or editors. In the application process, we carefully review the first 5000 words (prose) or 15 pages of poetry of this target manuscript. Prose should be double-spaced. 

If we move forward with an application, the writer will be contacted for a brief phone interview. During the interview, the writer will have the chance to discuss their writing and writing goals, and we will offer feedback on those first pages. We notify about acceptance following the interview.  

:: Deadline: Saturday, April 6, 2019 at midnight. We look forward to reading your work. ::

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Application guidelines for The Writer's Hotel Private Study option

To apply, please submit up to 5000 words of prose or 15 pages of poetry. Please include a letter of interest, describing your current projects. And please tell us why you think The Writer's Hotel Private Study would be helpful or meaningful to you as a writer.

There is no deadline. We offer Private Study on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is $30 to apply. When Private Study is full, we will not take applications. 
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